Next Nx Gel Nails – Review

When I went along to the Next Nx Beauty launch a few weeks ago, I was kindly gifted a set of 3 gel nail polishes in my bag of treats to try! I love me some fab nails, but home manicures just don't work out for me really! The polish, no matter the claims made… Continue reading Next Nx Gel Nails – Review

Alex 9 Drawers – Organisation Tips

Sooooo not an entirely Christmassy post for my 12 Days of Blogmas, but I say it's relevant - hear me out. If you don't do a massive clean and sort out in the run up to the big guy coming down the chimney, who even are you? Scouse Bird knows what's up. I went one… Continue reading Alex 9 Drawers – Organisation Tips

Sunkissed Primer & Tan Review

Scouse girls honour to be fake tanned to the heavens at all times (except during midweek prep and prime when we MUST HIBERNATE).  Bloggers honour to review everything they ever try for the first time in depth. So here goes - Sunkissed Primer/Remover and self tan mousse. Don't @ me, of course I bought it… Continue reading Sunkissed Primer & Tan Review

Technic Colour Fix – Review & Swatches

I love makeup! Can't get enough of the stuff  I tell ya! My drawers might already be collapsing under the weight of all the makeup products I own, but that doesn't deter me from getting any more (obvs). This one is TOTALLY justified, as it's another #carnlival treat WOO. After eyebrow products, my next can't… Continue reading Technic Colour Fix – Review & Swatches

British Style Collective – Highlights

Just over a week ago, our fabulous vibrant city welcomed the best most scouse appropriate event EVER. British Style Collective (the artist formerly known as The Clothes Show) rocked up to the yellow sub lovin' Mersey Coast for a 3 day celebration of all things fashion! We were spoilt rotten, with celeb talks, catwalks, shopping… Continue reading British Style Collective – Highlights

Best Foot Forward

You know me, I'm all about encouraging people to be themselves and not being critical of their choices. Except when it comes to feet, or more specifically scruffy feet in sandals. I cannot be dealing with ANYONES ashy cracked heels, unless you're like my lovely little nan and can't get to your feet for whatever… Continue reading Best Foot Forward

To Do: Be Fabulous

1: Always wash your face properly for a more even complexion. You don’t have to exfoliate/cleanse/tone/moisturise/oil/wipe off oil/prime/sandblast/21 steps to a flawless face do it now or the bogey man will come. I don’t believe in all that, find what works for you. But before doing a face of make up, or a no make […]

This is Halloween…

Today's post obvs is all about making the most of H-wizzle, just a bit of inspiration for decorations, food and what to do. Some of these photos are from the family vaults muahahaha! Make a giant paper mache(?) pumpkin! This took weeks to make but was well worth the effort. You can do this using… Continue reading This is Halloween…

Money on my mind

I'm sure there are tonnes of posts around like this, but I'm hoping I can bring something new to the table. This post is for you lovely people with too much week at the end of your wages, or too much month at the end of your money! Take from this what you want, you… Continue reading Money on my mind