DOGMAS – Doggy Christmas Must – Haves!

The dogs in our family don't get left out of anything. When it comes to the holidays, Christmases, birthdays, Halloween you name it the dogs are getting INVOLVED. First up for Christmas, we've got stockings. These ones technically are for cats because they've got dangly fish on that say "meow", but the dogs don't judge,… Continue reading DOGMAS – Doggy Christmas Must – Haves!

Alex 9 Drawers – Organisation Tips

Sooooo not an entirely Christmassy post for my 12 Days of Blogmas, but I say it's relevant - hear me out. If you don't do a massive clean and sort out in the run up to the big guy coming down the chimney, who even are you? Scouse Bird knows what's up. I went one… Continue reading Alex 9 Drawers – Organisation Tips

Favourite Festive Scenes – TV & Film

We all know and love the classic Christmas films, from Home Alone to Love Actually, we're spoilt for choice! Instead of doing the usual "Favourite Films" list post, I want to share with you some of my favourite festive film and TV scenes from across the years. Some are funny, some a heart warming and… Continue reading Favourite Festive Scenes – TV & Film