alchemy by amy uk cruelty free low non toxic vegan boots haul

Low/no chemical/toxin cosmetics haul at Boots (some vegan & cruelty free)

Since reducing my toxins use, especially with cosmetics, I've been careful to shop for some obscure brands in teeny high price health shops or online. Do I really have to do that? I had a look in Boots and found a few no nasties goodies! if you want to know more about toxins and chemicals,… Continue reading Low/no chemical/toxin cosmetics haul at Boots (some vegan & cruelty free)

My Hair Cares

I'm a huge fan of GHD, they're a brand I've grew up with. GHD were with me when I progressed from using the iron on my hair, to having *actual* hair straighteners. I feel like after the hair tools from Argos that legit left us all with uneven lengths and static frizz (no offence), most… Continue reading My Hair Cares

British Style Collective – Highlights

Just over a week ago, our fabulous vibrant city welcomed the best most scouse appropriate event EVER. British Style Collective (the artist formerly known as The Clothes Show) rocked up to the yellow sub lovin' Mersey Coast for a 3 day celebration of all things fashion! We were spoilt rotten, with celeb talks, catwalks, shopping… Continue reading British Style Collective – Highlights