alchemy by amy uk Organic September -Boots Botanics Organic Affordable Budget Skincare Haul & Review non toxic low chemical eye cream cleanser oil balm

Organic September -Boots Botanics Organic Affordable Budget Skincare Haul & Review

A few weeks back, I posted about trying  to find no nasties skincare that's both affordable and easy to find. I found myself in Boots with a basket full of goodies, including some of their own brand organic skin care range. The Botanics range is not all 100% organic, but most things do contain a… Continue reading Organic September -Boots Botanics Organic Affordable Budget Skincare Haul & Review

alchemy by amy uk cruelty free low non toxic vegan boots haul

Low/no chemical/toxin cosmetics haul at Boots (some vegan & cruelty free)

Since reducing my toxins use, especially with cosmetics, I've been careful to shop for some obscure brands in teeny high price health shops or online. Do I really have to do that? I had a look in Boots and found a few no nasties goodies! if you want to know more about toxins and chemicals,… Continue reading Low/no chemical/toxin cosmetics haul at Boots (some vegan & cruelty free)

Swish My Swag primark haul spring 2019 bridal collection bodysuit bra thong underwear flatlay

Primark Haul Spring 2019

I can't help myself, I LOVE TO SHOP. Primark is the black hole of shops, I have never met anyone who has just popped in to Primark and left with all they went in for. This weeks episode of "I'm only popping in to Primark for a pair of pyjamas", ended a little bit like… Continue reading Primark Haul Spring 2019

The Body Shop – Haul

I know, I haven’t posted in an age. In an attempt to be completely transparent, honest and candid, I’m pooped, and just cant be arsed to graft. I’m not plain old lazy (no hate if you are), my health isn’t 100% on form so there’s that. With regards to my over sharing intro, I just… Continue reading The Body Shop – Haul

January Sales Mini Haul

Whoever said money can't buy you happiness really doesn't know where to shop! Lets face it, the beginning of January has got the majority of us feeling fat, shattered and a bit shitty. Soooo forget the gym, forget your savings forecast, forget your new minimalist lifestyle - SHOP. That's what I did anyway, I picked… Continue reading January Sales Mini Haul

QVC Winter & Christmas

This isn't going to be a super text heavy post, I just really wanted to share with you some of the gorgeous bits picked up from QVC. They make perfect gifts, to someone else or you know, to me from me x Heated throw In this really chilly weather, this heated throw has been a… Continue reading QVC Winter & Christmas

Primark Micellar Water Review

So this is a mad one, a £2 cleansing water from Primark? Not gonna lie, I didn't have high hopes for this, it's a huge 430ml bottle, the same size in another leading high street brand would set you back three times the price. So whats the skinny? The labelling on the bottle doesn't make… Continue reading Primark Micellar Water Review

Beauty Haul

I'm a nosy bitch, I love seeing what other people have bought. Quite clearly, I think you're the same, so heres so more stuff to look at what I've picked up. I went for the chop recently, I got a lob a la Tanya Burr, and of course a few weeks later my old faithful… Continue reading Beauty Haul

Primark Haul

Who doesn't love seeing the stuff that other people have snapped up in the most difficult shop to shop in ever? Of course, not included in this post is the underwear I bought, filthy bitches I won't be sharing that on here! Heres what I bought! Tinkerbell Lounge Pyjamas Striped Dress that looks like a… Continue reading Primark Haul

Glow Baby, Glow!

Us basic bitches love a good highlight, and for me being a basic budget loving bitch, all my favourites are high street! Let me know your favourites in the comments, so I can continue to glow like "the paint on a shiny new car" (literally what someone said to me once when wearing this little cracker): Makeup… Continue reading Glow Baby, Glow!