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Why Alchemy By Amy?

I have blogged for 2 years as Swish My Swag, I covered all kinds of content, never really discovering my "niche" (hate that word!). I think now, I may have found it though, by accident I guess. Because I wanted a part of my life that was just about Amy as a person. not the… Continue reading Why Alchemy By Amy?

Superdrug – Liverpool Shopping Park

I was full on tempted to do a click-bait title "BIGGEST SUPERDRUG EVER!?" because literally, in all my years of Superdrug shopping, I've never seen a store quite as big as the one on Liverpool Shopping Park. Last week showcased their grand opening and big reveal! Of course, who could open a giant one stop… Continue reading Superdrug – Liverpool Shopping Park

Smudge Boutique

Last Thursday, I stopped by the launch of the latest shop to hit Met Quarter - Smudge Boutique. This fab little shop is already established online and with another store in West Kirby.  I may be a bargain bunny, but designer bits and pieces always catch my heart, and I definitely think it's good to own a few high end… Continue reading Smudge Boutique