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200 Degrees Coffee Liverpool Review – eating out as alkaline plant based foodie

food and drink, gifted - all images and opinions my own. I won't lie, the diet I've put myself on doesn't make eating out easy. That is kind of sad, because I love eating out, food is life <3. Doing what I do, organic options are best, minimal caffeine, and all of the plants are staples,… Continue reading 200 Degrees Coffee Liverpool Review – eating out as alkaline plant based foodie

Walker Art Gallery – Leonardo 500, A Life In Drawing

These days, at the utterance of the name Leonardo, our minds tend to drift towards the hot Leo of our time, not philosopher, artist, inventor, engineer and all round historic icon, Da Vinci. I won't pretend to be super knowledgeable about Da Vinci, or history but even anyone with the most limited of knowledge must… Continue reading Walker Art Gallery – Leonardo 500, A Life In Drawing

The Body Shop – Haul

I know, I haven’t posted in an age. In an attempt to be completely transparent, honest and candid, I’m pooped, and just cant be arsed to graft. I’m not plain old lazy (no hate if you are), my health isn’t 100% on form so there’s that. With regards to my over sharing intro, I just… Continue reading The Body Shop – Haul

White Bar at The Radisson – Afternoon Tea

After a particular dodgy dalliance with the afternoon tea service at The Hilton, my friend thought for my birthday I might appreciate a better experience somewhere else. She said the pressure was on to impress because I'm a blogger, and I'd be vocal in my opinion if I liked (or disliked! something. She certainly took… Continue reading White Bar at The Radisson – Afternoon Tea

Celebrity Makeup Masterclass

I love my city! Liverpool really does showcase some of the best events in some fantastic venues! St Georges Hall was recently host to another beauty event, featuring two top makeup artists and their stunning models in an all day masterclass, ran in association with Debenhams Beauty Club. `The Celebrity Makeup Masterclass had a whole… Continue reading Celebrity Makeup Masterclass

Unlock Liverpool

Whether you're Scouse born and bred, an honorary Scouser or just passing through on your travels, one thing is for sure - you need to know the hottest goings on in the Best City In The North West ™️. You could read all the dodgy reviews on Trip Advisor, or scroll through pages and pages… Continue reading Unlock Liverpool

2017 – Blogging year in review

I started my blog about midway through 2016, so 2017 has been my first entire year as a blogger! Gang - I've loved it! I was going to do all different titles including some negative sections. But when I thought about it, I could summarise the negativity in just a few words: I've often felt… Continue reading 2017 – Blogging year in review

Superdrug – Liverpool Shopping Park

I was full on tempted to do a click-bait title "BIGGEST SUPERDRUG EVER!?" because literally, in all my years of Superdrug shopping, I've never seen a store quite as big as the one on Liverpool Shopping Park. Last week showcased their grand opening and big reveal! Of course, who could open a giant one stop… Continue reading Superdrug – Liverpool Shopping Park

Lush Spa Liverpool

On Monday 4th December, Lush opened their doors to welcome in a huge group of people to experience their spa services. Lucky for me, I was one of them! The last place you'd expect a perfect relaxing spa to be, is set in the hustle and bustle of a busy city centre high street. But… Continue reading Lush Spa Liverpool

My Hair Cares

I'm a huge fan of GHD, they're a brand I've grew up with. GHD were with me when I progressed from using the iron on my hair, to having *actual* hair straighteners. I feel like after the hair tools from Argos that legit left us all with uneven lengths and static frizz (no offence), most… Continue reading My Hair Cares