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Formby Hall Organic Spa Day (suitable for cancer survivors)

I need more spa days in my life, I mean I could get by on 3-7 a week if I had to. I wasn't sure if I'd find a non toxic spa day, because if I haven't rammed it down your throat enough already, I'm cutting back on unhealthy toxins and chemicals. When I found… Continue reading Formby Hall Organic Spa Day (suitable for cancer survivors)

To Do: Be Fabulous

1: Always wash your face properly for a more even complexion. You don’t have to exfoliate/cleanse/tone/moisturise/oil/wipe off oil/prime/sandblast/21 steps to a flawless face do it now or the bogey man will come. I don’t believe in all that, find what works for you. But before doing a face of make up, or a no make […]

Chill The F**k Out & Other Anecdotes

  Sometimes, we find it difficult to relax. Life is busy, tough, chaotic, loud and sometimes just downright poopy. Here are some of my favourite ways to relax! At the end of the blog, I’ll be providing links for some of my favourite things from each section! COOKING So you don’t have to be a […]


When was the last time you said, or even thought of that phrase? For me, I'm sure it was probably waiting in a queue in McDonalds feverishly hoping that my cheeseburger was ready. Pilates? I thought you said pie and lattes! In all seriousness though, when was the last time you properly put yourself first,… Continue reading ME FIRST!


  I hope you don't mind, this blog is going to be a bit like Boxing Day Bubble & Squeak - a bit of everything all in one delicious little bubble. Also, the pictures in this post are just cheerful and light, I am well aware they don't really "go" with the post or each… Continue reading Unspirational!?