alchemy by amy uk cruelty free low non toxic vegan boots haul

Low/no chemical/toxin cosmetics haul at Boots (some vegan & cruelty free)

Since reducing my toxins use, especially with cosmetics, I've been careful to shop for some obscure brands in teeny high price health shops or online. Do I really have to do that? I had a look in Boots and found a few no nasties goodies! if you want to know more about toxins and chemicals,… Continue reading Low/no chemical/toxin cosmetics haul at Boots (some vegan & cruelty free)

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar – Summer

In case you didn't know, theres a huge shop in Liverpool One, selling only the best of the best that beauty has to offer. An entire 3 floor building dedicated to serving us sexy scousers with not only beauty goods, but bevvys and spa treatments too. In store bar, anyone!? On Thursday 18th May, the… Continue reading Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar – Summer

Primark Haul

Who doesn't love seeing the stuff that other people have snapped up in the most difficult shop to shop in ever? Of course, not included in this post is the underwear I bought, filthy bitches I won't be sharing that on here! Heres what I bought! Tinkerbell Lounge Pyjamas Striped Dress that looks like a… Continue reading Primark Haul

The Thrift Shift

I heckin' LOVE shopping, for absolutely anything, anywhere, and anytime (except if you want to buy video games from CEX at 2.30 on a Saturday then I'd rather boil me own head).   So, you could probably say I am pretty good at it, and know a thing or two about shopping. This post will be… Continue reading The Thrift Shift