alchemy by amy uk Organic September -Boots Botanics Organic Affordable Budget Skincare Haul & Review non toxic low chemical eye cream cleanser oil balm

Organic September -Boots Botanics Organic Affordable Budget Skincare Haul & Review

A few weeks back, I posted about trying  to find no nasties skincare that's both affordable and easy to find. I found myself in Boots with a basket full of goodies, including some of their own brand organic skin care range. The Botanics range is not all 100% organic, but most things do contain a… Continue reading Organic September -Boots Botanics Organic Affordable Budget Skincare Haul & Review

alchemy by amy uk cruelty free low non toxic vegan boots haul

Low/no chemical/toxin cosmetics haul at Boots (some vegan & cruelty free)

Since reducing my toxins use, especially with cosmetics, I've been careful to shop for some obscure brands in teeny high price health shops or online. Do I really have to do that? I had a look in Boots and found a few no nasties goodies! if you want to know more about toxins and chemicals,… Continue reading Low/no chemical/toxin cosmetics haul at Boots (some vegan & cruelty free)

Dermaloch Review – Vegan, Gluten Free,DEA free skincare

If you believe in the power of the universe, or even just coincidence, you'll believe that sometimes, the stars just align. Thats how I've felt recently, when Dermaloch kindly agreed to share some of their products with me for a review. This post is not sponsored, or guided in any way - images and opinions… Continue reading Dermaloch Review – Vegan, Gluten Free,DEA free skincare

The Body Shop – Haul

I know, I haven’t posted in an age. In an attempt to be completely transparent, honest and candid, I’m pooped, and just cant be arsed to graft. I’m not plain old lazy (no hate if you are), my health isn’t 100% on form so there’s that. With regards to my over sharing intro, I just… Continue reading The Body Shop – Haul

AHA Japanese Cleanser Review

When you wear makeup by the bucketload like me, you really need some cleansing products you can really on. I've got a few staple favs already, but I jumped at the chance to try out a cleanser formulated for Western skin, created using Japanese philosophies. This cleanser is free from all the nasties! Paraben, palm… Continue reading AHA Japanese Cleanser Review

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Wash

You know I looooove trying new products I can get my mitts on for reviews! I was recently sent a sample of the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree skin wash. This cruelty free wash can be used everywhere, it is formulated to kill bacterias that can cause your pitts to stink and your pimples to pop… Continue reading Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Wash

Excellent Elemis

Elemis: defined by nature, led by science. I love a good pamper! I won't lie, I don't love getting my hair done, but any other beauty treatments I'm all over that. As you can imagine, I absolutely jumped at the chance of a complimentary Elemis facial, in our very own Harvey Nics Beauty Bazaar. I don't tend… Continue reading Excellent Elemis

The Body Shop – Mothers Day

A couple of weeks back, the lovely ladies at The Body Shop Bold Street hosted a lubbly Mothers Day/new product launch. There was Prosecco, sweeties and a lovely table of fro-yo treats, not to mention some gorgeous new products, including perfume, skin care and make up. I had a great night, and made a few… Continue reading The Body Shop – Mothers Day

Birthday Haul!

So this by no means a bragging post, I just thought I'd share with you, items I was fortunate enough to receive for my birthday last week! Some fab new straighteners! My others were over ten years old, and these new GHDS were much appreciated! Especially because they switch themselves off after half an hour… Continue reading Birthday Haul!